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Standing out from the crowd

It’s a big step you’re making. You’re about to trust someone with life-changing financial decisions, so you want to be certain that you do the right thing. We can reel off the classic reasons: trustworthy, competent, experienced, approachable; but our work goes beyond those and there are so many more reasons to choose us.

Incredibly personal

We go above and beyond to get to know our clients and their families. We understand people as individuals and focus on relationships rather than transactions.

Your go-to

If something is playing on your mind or going on in your life and you’re concerned about the impact on your finances, we’ll become your first port of call to discuss things.

Independent advice

Being independent financial planners means we’re not tied to any products or providers, which means we can search the market for solutions that’ll give you the best chance of getting the outcomes you’re looking for.

Supportive team

We’re surrounded by a team who aren’t afraid to ask questions to deliver the best outcome for clients. Plus, they’re an incredibly approachable bunch!

It’s an experience

You’ve probably never considered financial advice as an “experience”, but we provide just that. You’ll walk away with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Regular calls

Commitment works both ways, and we pride ourselves on our proactive, ongoing contact with clients. We’ll check in with you and be proactive in ensuring your plans remain on track as things change in your life, and the wider world.

"Ross helped me understand how my pension transfer would work and explained clearly all the options that I could transfer my pension into."

Sally, Essex, February 2023

"Ross spent time wading through the paperwork relating to four separate work pensions. He gained up-to-date values on them all and then, in his patient, friendly and professional manner, explained the options available to me."

Steve, Essex, November 2022

"The whole process was very constructive for me; I have limited knowledge about pensions and Ross's clarifications / explanations and his contact with the pension company were of great value to me."

Karen, Essex, April 2022

"We first contacted Ross to review our finances after my husband received a terminal diagnosis. Ross understood our difficult situation and then, with empathy and consideration, took time to understand and talk us through our priorities and options."

Sheila, Suffolk, July 2023

"When my grandma was in a state of ill health, Ross provided us with fantastic advice regarding my grandma's situation. He has continued to provide us with investment and mortgage advice."

Lawrence, Buckinghamshire, January 2023

"As well as making investment decisions for me as an individual, he is also helping both me and my husband plan for our future. We meet twice a year to discuss our financial goals, and Ross builds this into a financial plan."

Sarah, Essex, February 2023

"Ross spent time explaining the investments that we already had and how they could be more beneficial to our family in the future. He was patient, friendly and professional and relayed the information to us in a way that we could understand."

Kealey, Essex, November 2022

"I came to Ross looking for investment advice to help me meet my financial goals over the next 5 to 10 years. He helped me map out my plan for the short and medium term and reviewed my pension investment strategy for long-term financial stability."

Andrew, Essex, August 2021

"Ross was very helpful in guiding us through the process as first-time buyers. Options and requirements were explained and he was adept at explaining the pros and cons of various items and offering his opinion whilst respecting our choice as a client."

Andy, Surrey, June 2023

"Ross took the time to seek out the best deal for my remortgage and secured us a better rate than expected. Furthermore, he was also able to recommend a more than satisfactory solicitor to assist with that side of the process."

Paul, London, June 2023

"I was looking to purchase my first property and needed guidance on the process. Ross talked me through the process and kept his explanations simple. He listened to my specific needs and found a product that was suited to me and my budget."

Alistair, Midlothian, February 2023

"Being self-employed, I sought out advice from Ross on Income protection. He went above and beyond to research all the options and carefully considered both my lifestyle and budget to advise on the best products available in the market."

Christine, London, April 2020

"Ross gave me excellent advice throughout the mortgage application process and he also assisted with arranging various insurances for both personal and business cover."

Oliver, Essex, January 2023

"Investing is cyclical however, with Ross, there are never surprises as he keeps you completely updated with any issues that may occur globally. You always have peace of mind that he has his clients' interests at heart."

Lisa, Essex, March 2023

"Ross has taken steps to diversify my portfolio and manage my risk appetite accordingly. He always explains everything in a logical, calm manner, so that I can understand things clearly."

Sarah, Essex, February 2023

"Ross has become a trusted partner, working with me patiently and considerately to implement an effective financial plan. He keeps me fully informed, responds quickly and effectively to my requests and is innovative in presenting investment opportunities."

Leigh, Essex, July 2022

"I needed to remortgage my property due to my divorce. Ross gave me excellent advice and identified the best provider to remortgage with. Throughout the whole process, he was always available to answer any questions"

Emma, Essex, January 2023

"When moving home, we wanted to ensure that we got the best offer on our new mortgage. Ross advised on which products would best suit us and he went through all the different options, giving us very good advice. He answered any questions and put our minds at rest."

Jordan, Essex, November 2022

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