High earners

Lay your financial foundations

You’re bringing in a six-figure salary, and you’re able to live comfortably. However, being a high earner also means that you’re paying a large amount of tax and your career leaves you with little time to think about your finances. Life’s all about balance. Balancing work, family and your finances isn’t easy. But it can be done.

Although retirement may be many years away, you may be looking at a career change or a move into consultancy which is less focused on earnings so you need a financial plan to see you through the changes in life. Making smarter investment decisions with your savings and pensions now, gives you more time to reach your financial goals and allows you to understand when you can retire from work for good.


How we help

By working with us we want you to have more confidence and clarity of what’s possible. And this is how we achieve just that…

Mapping out your future

We want to ensure you live life to the fullest and achieve every goal as you progress through your career and into retirement.

Tax-efficient strategies

Although paying tax is compulsory, we will advise on the best ways to legitimately reduce the amount you pay during your lifetime.

Cashflow modelling

As lifestyle financial planners, we gain a detailed picture of your life and assess the impact changes have on your financial situation over time.

Long-term planning advice

Everyone wants to know they have options, it may be a career change before retirement or knowing when they can retire. We will help you get there and establish how much you need to maintain your lifestyle.

"As well as making investment decisions for me as an individual, he is also helping both me and my husband plan for our future. We meet twice a year to discuss our financial goals, and Ross builds this into a financial plan."

Sarah, Essex, February 2023

"Ross spent time explaining the investments that we already had and how they could be more beneficial to our family in the future. He was patient, friendly and professional and relayed the information to us in a way that we could understand."

Kealey, Essex, November 2022

"I came to Ross looking for investment advice to help me meet my financial goals over the next 5 to 10 years. He helped me map out my plan for the short and medium term and reviewed my pension investment strategy for long-term financial stability."

Andrew, Essex, August 2021

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